We encourage people to come out with us a couple of times before deciding whether or not you wish to join. To get started, you'll need to do a few things:

1. Email the Secretary to find out where our next hikes are being held.

2. Bring along a signed copy of our Insurance form. Our Insurer allows you to go on 3 hikes before making a decision as to whether you want to join or not (unfortunately this doesn't apply to weekends away or other trips).

3. Read our guide for those new to hiking, in particular the section on what to wear & what not to wear.

4. If you decide to join the club, you'll need to pay your annual subscription.

Please note our walks and membership is open to Over 18s only.

The following are our subscription rates for the year:

  • Individual €50
  • Affiliated €23 - to join as affiliate you must be a member and insured through an MI affiliated club